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Made famous by his comparative study of Chinese and Western nutrition, The China Study, Campbell is also the author of ‘Whole. Vegetable and Integral’, a book that completes the previous research work. In his work the American nutritionist focuses on the relationship between nutrition and disease, but his conclusions have been and continue to be the subject of controversy.

However, his viewpoint is revolutionary in the field of nutrition. His claims have also led many to follow his nutritional rules, including Bill Clinton.

Is it really possible to reverse a disease or even prevent it only by consciously consuming food?

Here are a few quotations from Campbell’s books that might change your mind about what you eat and how you eat.


We live in the belief that we know perfectly well how to behave when our health starts to lose its grip. We grew up in the culture of free will, of ‘I decide for myself’, but they are just words. In reality it is the doctor or who for it who tells us how to deal with a possible illness or the most trivial of colds. Relying on an expert is a mechanical act, done without thinking about it.

Campbell certainly doesn’t say to avoid doctors, but to become more aware of one’s own body. We have to take back the rudder of our engine, wake up our conscience and eliminate all sorts of passivity.


The Internet is a double-edged sword when it comes to information. It can create knowledge or confusion, lead to wrong choices or lead to a better understanding of the phenomenon under consideration.

That said, human nature has not changed radically with the advent of the net: following the fashions of the moment has been the main offline activity of all ages, digital and otherwise. Now, however, that information is within everyone’s reach, it is necessary to raise the level of responsibility and it becomes essential to learn to discriminate the correct news from the bogus or tendentious ones.

Campbell tells us to reason with our heads and make choices that are appropriate and useful to our health, rather than deciding on a food plan just because the star of the moment follows him or a new TV channel advertises him.


Modern times are sumptuous and wasteful as we know, at our own risk. Since the supermarkets have given us the opportunity to access huge quantities of food ourselves, the shopping list no longer includes only what is necessary, but includes the superfluous.

The fact that Western food is plentiful is nothing new, but the fact that it is reaching critical levels must cause us to be alarmed. Campbell implores us to moderate our daily rations, to begin to take away the amounts of food that go beyond our daily livelihood.

Why do we eat? Why are we eating our own illnesses?

We are what we eat: becoming aware of the way we eat can help us understand who we are.

Food & Disease

In The China Study Campbell directly relates food and disease. It is what we introduce into our bodies that can make us sick, so it is from food that we must start to understand the causes of the various disorders that affect our health. On the other hand, food is the antidote: for Campbell it is possible to eat not only in a healthy way, but also healthy.

But more diseases

Healthy nutrition defeats the diseases in our bodies and keeps potential ones away, says Campbell. Knowing that you have the cheapest and most effective ally against various ailments in your pantry seems impossible, yet eating in a balanced way can save us from queuing up at the doctor’s or pharmacy.

It’s up to us whether to continue the vicious circle or radically change the diet and get healthy again.


Each food brings specific nutrients to our body and each is useful and necessary to perform a specific task. We do not have to become chemists to feed ourselves properly, just common sense and correct information, which is not necessarily mainstream information.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is not just a proverb or a phrase. For Campbell, the need to rely on healthy food to improve our lifestyle is very real and concrete. There is no slimming drug or stomach surgery that can give the same lasting and noncompromising effects that good food can provide.

Obviously, following a diet requires more time, constancy and commitment than ingesting a pill or referring to a doctor, but it depends on us. You have to decide what you want to achieve, understand what are the reasons that lead us to want to change our body and reckon with your conscience. Once again, becoming aware of one’s own diet can become the beginning of a journey to know oneself.

Let’s start!

In his books, Campbell has included many recipes in line with his vision of nutrition as well as information, including detailed information, on which foods are good and which are harmful to our health. Even before we want to be a personal nutritionist, however, Campbell makes us reflect and this is essential for the next steps to take place. First of all, we need to take control, understand that the food we choose can kill us or save us and, above all, become aware of the drug-dependent age in which we live.

For Campbell a life without pills and medicines is possible, just choose a healthy diet.

Are you of the same opinion? Do you agree that a vegetarian diet can help us defend ourselves from many diseases?

Here we go!

You have before you the opportunity to completely revolutionize your health and your diet under the guidance of the leading experts in nutrition of the Italian and international scene.

As a human race, but also as individuals, we have come to the brink of a dangerous precipice. We have a choice: to behave as intelligent and rational human beings who examine data and make the right decisions to survive, or to ignore reason, suppressing our intelligence and letting ourselves be guided by an unbridled desire and a generalised and pathological addiction to toxic foods, until death or disease forces us to stop.